King Fazan

Author & Motivational Speaker

King Fazan founded an exciting organization called ‘TBOTB’ which was later rebranded as ‘United New African Family (U-NAF)’ because by this time his vision was clear and he considered his calling to liberate Africa.

This organization has it branches across Africa. He inspire youth to do things they never hope they could ever do in their lives

Passion for Africa.

Those very close to king Fazan can openly tell you that sometimes he cries when he talks about the fate of Africa. A friend quoted him by saying “Sometimes I feel like am a hypocrite, I talk about positivity and the power of dreams, but how can you even dream when your stomach is empty. How can you dream when you are at war every day. Sometimes it’s hard for me to motivate my fellow African people, it’s really hard”.

“No matter how stubborn or unconcerned you are about life if you sit under king fazan’s motivational sessions or listen to his motivational messages you will automatically become serious about life! “…….Siyabonga Ndlozi CEO of Flow house publishing company.

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